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Leadership Coaching

Helping leaders develop their teams, manage themselves, and make strategic moves towards their most important organizational and personal goals. 


Mike at the office is probably a great listener, but he also may have a big mouth. One of the things that can be so isolating for leaders is that finding a safe space to discuss challenges can be tricky.


When we work together, this space is just for you.


The events and conditions that brought you into your role and situation are uniquely yours.


Your coaching experience should match that. 


Forget guilt trips. By showing up consistently to define your vision, get really honest about your will, skill, mindset, and fears, we'll cultivate the most important accountability out there -- to yourself, your team, and the people that matter to you. And of course, a standing meeting with a coach can be a reminder to get your action items done.


Our sessions will take place over the phone or online, giving you the flexibility to keep up with your goals no matter where you are. 

We can tailor a frequency that makes sense for your goals and schedule.


All of our work will be grounded in best practices from the fields of coaching, behavioral change, organizational psychology, cognitive science, and anything else that might support your leadership development.


You're a full person. You aren't just a leader or a boss. Chances are, shifts to aspects of your leadership approaches will also impact or require shifts in other areas of your life. While we will set goals related to your leadership competencies and results, the edges of that work will expand at times to attend to other interconnected aspects of your life.

Inclusive & Responsive

Our work is situated in contexts of differential power, history, and advantage along multiple and intersectional identity markers. Our sessions will make space for and explore how you show up as a leader given your identity within your context. As a biracial, Costa Rican, Korean-American, multilingual coach in the United States, I am particularly passionate about partnering with womxn leaders and diverse leaders of color, as well as those working to make their teams and organizational cultures spaces where all belong. Everyone is in a different place on this path, but if you aren't open to exploring how aspects of your identity play into your work, or challenging practices that contribute to the oppression of historically marginalized groups, this won't be the right working relationship for you.  But if you're on board with constantly learning how we can make our organizations more inclusive places, then I'll support you in that work, and learn alongside you. 


"Deborah is a model of effective coaching, teaching, and mentoring."


"Often times I felt like she was my soundboard and my inner voice stretching my thinking...After working with Deborah I have a whole new perspective on the coaching experience. Prior to me working with her I just brushed off the coaching concept as something I didn't need or have time for. However after this year of working with Deborah, I now recommend working with a coach to all my friends."


Since I started working with Deborah, I've felt more free. I feel more confident that I can achieve my goals despite the difficulties that present themselves. I try to think through things that I used to do sporadically, without control and without planning. I am more aware of my strengths and my areas for growth and the truth is I have felt much calmer. I recommend coaching with Deborah to those who are handling or avoiding frustrating situations on a daily basis, immersed in heavy environments, as well as those who are promoted with little experience effectively managing stressful situations or supervising others.

The most important thing that others should know is that Deborah is not going to hold anything back and will always speak objectively. What I liked the most about working with her was that I felt comfortable talking about any subject that bothered me, to express my feelings clearly and openly without feeling embarrassed or afraid that someone was going to criticize me. Many times we feel trapped in life, lost, and Deborah has a way of making you feel close, despite the online format. I have been able to learn new techniques that serve me in every aspect of my life. My stress levels have dropped considerably, and for that, I am grateful.


Can I Benefit From Coaching?

Here are just a few reasons why leaders seek out coaching.

I'm a Newbie

"Help! I'm new to this. I want to be an excellent leader, but I'm just getting started."

I Got Some Feedback

"My team gave me this feedback, and I want to improve, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it."

I'm Totally Overwhelmed

"There is so much to do and I never feel successful at keeping up with it all. I don't want to burn out, but I can't keep going like this."

There's This One Thing

"I am really trying to improve my skills in [this specific area]. It's something I haven't really attended to, and I want to figure it out"

I Want to Keep Growing

"I'm in a good spot, I guess, but I don't want to get complacent.

I'm just ready to level up!" 

It's Lonely at the Top

"I could use a dependable and confidential thought partner who will listen, challenge me, and support me on a consistent basis." 

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity."

-Amelia Earhart

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