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Life Coaching

"A coherent life is one lived in such a way that you can clearly connect the dots between three things: who you are, what you believe, what you are doing.”

-Bill Burnet & Dave Evans

I help people to live in purpose, to define and pursue their deepest desires, and to take meaningful and inspired action towards a life of fulfillment and significance. 

I'm thrilled that you've landed here. 

Whether you're thinking about your next big move in life, ready to commit to that exciting idea that's just scary enough to give you butterflies, or something feels not quite in alignment and you're ready to make some adjustments to get things back in flow, you get to be the architect of your extraordinary life. You get to define success on your own terms. 

So there's one really exciting question for you to answer and act on in order to clarify and pursue your goals with passion . . .  

What's next for you?

But fear, the grind of everyday life, doubt, and the baggage we bring with us can creep in and stop us from the transformation and possibility.


Limiting beliefs and the incessant chatter of our own inner voice can squash our inspiration and momentum.  

Life can be hard.


There are people in our lives who seem to make it their business to tear down instead of build up.


We can lose pieces of ourselves in the roles we play for others in different seasons of life.

And there are circumstances, institutions, and systems tied to historical legacies that make it so that things are not equal for everyone. 

But none of it can ever take your power, your agency, and your resolve. 

Perhaps you're here wanting to invite more balance into your life, to reconnect with parts of you that you haven't attended to in a while — or maybe it's time to jump into that dream you've been sitting on that hasn't gone away. 

Let's get you to where you're going. 

What To Expect


Skip past the worry about someone blabbing. Or telling your Aunt Sonia. This is a confidential space, so get on to the truth. No...the real truth.



Not from you, and not from me. The faster we can get to the real stuff, the faster you can get to actualizing your dreams! The information and approaches that I use are informed by research from a variety of fields, and I promise not to let you listen to your own BS.  


Yes, you're hiring someone who's well trained, and yes, I have tools. But your experience will be tailored to YOU. You're not cookie-cutter, so your coaching experience won't be either. 


I'll help you stay in forward motion. Of course there are challenges, but together we'll assess the range of options available to you, and you'll be supported to take action each step of the way. 


Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver

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