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Vision. Strategy. Mindset. Action.

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Hi. I'm Deborah.

I help people expand their influence, lead with confidence, and take action towards a powerful vision of what's possible in their personal and professional lives.

I believe that great leaders can be developed, and that high-functioning teams are intentionally cultivated. I'm energized by people who want to strengthen their teams, create conditions for people to thrive, and have a lasting impact. I believe that we can all become more effective in our relationships and in our work if we learn to communicate better and listen deeply to one another. I believe that we can create fulfilling lives -- lives where our actions, our plans, our dreams, and our values are all in alignment. 

I am originally from Costa Rica, and have been coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area and online since 2014. I am certified in solution-focused coaching through Erickson International, a program accredited with the International Coach Federation. I bring backgrounds in scientific research, teaching, organizational leadership, and non-profit work to coach people in a variety of roles and levels of experience. I hold a bachelor's degree in biological science, a master's degree in education, and completed part of a doctoral program in ecology and evolution before discovering my passion for teaching and developing others. 

My clients have spanned from doctors, to teachers, principals, therapists, business owners, new coaches, retirees, and non-profits with nation-wide programs. I have had the fortune of working with people who are passionate about others, passionate about the environment, and passionate about political change. I have coached people who have gone on to positively impact thousands of others by working not only on developing their capacity and reaching their performance goals, but on the more lasting elements of transformation: mindsets, beliefs, and ways of being. 

If you're looking to grow, and you are READY for meaningful change, I would love to work with you.

It starts with a conversation.



You are a high-achiever with lofty goals and great aspirations. You dream big and work hard. You are entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial. You create solutions. 

You want your work to have impact.

You want your life to feel fulfilling. 

But what's next? You might be standing at the brink of a big personal or professional decision. Maybe you're adapting to a new role or team, taking on a major life change, or exploring new possibilities. You have huge opportunities in front of you.  But you wonder whether the goals you are pursuing are actually leading you to the outcomes that you envisioned.

You don't need fixing. You don't need a pep talk. You don't need advice. You are capable. 

But you could use a confidential, knowledgeable, and dependable person to challenge you – not your mom, not your friends who always agree with you, not people who want to impress you. Someone who you can trust to help you clarify your vision and direction as you make purposeful decisions and strategically take on your next steps. ​

Tell me about yourself. What's going on for you?

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Every coaching partnership is a highly personalized experience. Our online coaching calls can happen from just about any part of the world.

But what won't change is this:

We will both show up ready to be real. I will listen deeply and attentively to you. I'll ask you the questions others aren't asking. And I will call you out on your self-imposed limitations. You'll show up committed to do this transformative work for yourself. And you will leave each session more inspired, clear, and equipped than you arrived. Every time.

Are you in?

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Deborah is a model of effective coaching, teaching, and mentoring.

Jennifer Hennings, Communication Coach, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Since I started working with Deborah, I've felt more free. I feel more confident that I can achieve my goals despite the difficulties that present themselves. I try to think through things that I used to do sporadically, without control and without planning. I am more aware of my strengths and my areas for growth and the truth is I have felt much calmer. I recommend coaching with Deborah to those who are handling or avoiding frustrating situations on a daily basis, immersed in heavy environments, as well as those who are promoted with little experience effectively managing stressful situations or supervising others.

The most important thing that others should know is that Deborah is not going to hold anything back and will always speak objectively. What I liked the most about working with her was that I felt comfortable talking about any subject that bothered me, to express my feelings clearly and openly without feeling embarrassed or afraid that someone was going to criticize me. Many times we feel trapped in life, lost, and Deborah has a way of making you feel close, despite the online format. I have been able to learn new techniques that serve me in every aspect of my life. My stress levels have dropped considerably, and for that, I am grateful.

M.E., Environmental Planner, Costa Rica

Often times I felt like she was my soundboard and my inner voice stretching my thinking...After working with Deborah I have a whole new perspective on the coaching experience. Prior to me working with her I just brushed off the coaching concept as something I didn't need or have time for. However after this year of working with Deborah, I now recommend working with a coach to all my friends.

Christina Favela, Department Chair, ESUHSD


Take the first step. Let's schedule a powerful conversation.

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What are you working towards? What do you want?

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